Areas of special interest:

Sports injury rehabilitation

Post operative rehabilitation

Amputee rehabilitation

Older adult pain management, improved movement and strength

Women's Health/Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Kristy graduated from the University of Manitoba Physiotherapy program in 2010.

Kristy believes in the importance of living an active lifestyle at any age and is passionate about helping individuals continue to perform the activities and sports they love for as long as possible. Playing many team sports herself and having to rehab from injuries that come along with those sports is what has drawn Kristy to Physiotherapy. During her career, Kristy has worked in both the public and private sector. She has experience in long term rehabilition following hip, knee and shoulder surgery, as well as amputee rehab. Kristy‚Äôs private practice experience is extensive, having experience with pain management, orthopaedic conditions, post surgical and older adult rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and neurological rehabilitation. 

 Kristy believes in empowering the individual to take ownership of their own recovery while helping guide them through the process with an individualized exercise program related specifically to their goals and activities they wish to return to doing. In additional to the personalized home exercise program, she also uses manual therapy, soft tissue treatment techniques, and modalities in combination with active movement and exercise to reduce pain and increase function.

Outside of the clinic, Kristy is a competitive Crossfit athlete, Weightlifter and National level Powerlifter. She is also a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, Provincial level Powerlifting referee and an NCCP Weightlifting coach. Being an athlete herself, she understands the need for athletes to continue to train around their injury and to be able to return back to their full capacity in their given sport as quickly as possible. Kristy also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and rock climbing.